Finding my purpose and the single mother

I’ve been debating for weeks how I will write and approach a very special detail about my life. I’ve also been super hesitant about sharing very personal details about my God given gift, but the more I continue to show my friends and even co-workers certain abilities I have, the more the secret comes outContinue reading “Finding my purpose and the single mother”

Expectations and the Single Mother

Expectations. The killer of all relationships. It took me approximately two years worth of self development courses, before I learned that all expectations when it comes to life, personal and intimate relationships, can set you up for udder and complete failure. How? Let me explain exactly what I’ve personally learned, and what I have appliedContinue reading “Expectations and the Single Mother”

Learning to love myself and the single mother

I want talk about and recognize the identity crisis, most of us new mommy’s face after having a baby. One day you’re a successful real estate agent, or business woman, hustling and socializing almost daily, then the next day you’re a professional diaper changer and milk dispenser . Before baby, you knew who you were,Continue reading “Learning to love myself and the single mother”

Traveling and the Single Mother

How many parents out there have traveled alone with an infant? How many parents out there have traveled alone internationally with an infant, or a toddler? I have, and if you’re a military wife I bet you raised your hand twice, and good for you for surviving that challenge! Seriously, that has to be theContinue reading “Traveling and the Single Mother”

Learning to say no and the single mother.

I have to get something out into the open. I have been experiencing something that is literally blowing my mind. I’m talking about a word we all know well and use daily, but why is it considered a “bad word”? Why does this one little word affect relationships with friends and family? It can tearContinue reading “Learning to say no and the single mother.”